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While we won't be involved with the physical bricks and mortar of museums and other display facilities it is a goal of the Heritage Trust to be closely involved in the presentation of jet boating history around the country.

We'll ensure current and future generation of New Zealanders and tourists are able to learn about the water jet and jet boating history through hands-on interactive displays and coordinated information boards in a range of suitable locations NZ-wide.

Our involvement will be through four initiatives...

1 - Identification.  The Heritage Trust will be working to identify suitable museums and educational facilities around NZ which are able to and are interested in displaying historic jet boats, equipment and other appropriate memorabilia

2 - Coordination.  Once we've identified the display facility we'll work with various historic jet boat owners to put suitable items on display in a practical way to suit all parties.

3 - Information.  The Heritage Trust will take a leading role in the production of information for use around historic jet boat displays to ensure a consistent narrative is presented no matter where the display is located.  This will ensure the history is presented accurately at all times with consistent display of graphic elements wherever possible.


4 - Documentation.  The Heritage Trust aims to develop some standard document templates to ensure owners of historic items are well protected when loaning items to museums and other facilities for display.  These documents will cover things such as insurance, access, preservation etc.

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