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Preservation is a key part of the Heritage Trust's objectives to ensure all the historical items and information we have now about jet boating is preserved in good condition for the benefit of future generations.


We plan to work with owners of historic jet boats and materials to ensure their history is stored in such as way as to maintain its current condition, while still being available to be used as it was intended if that is desired.  An example is an early jet boat that is to be maintained in a running condition will need to be protected when in storage but still be able to be run on a trailer or water.

Preservation very much includes film, photos and documents which will need to be stored in correct way to ensure their integrity in the future - be it film archives, museum vaults or the Heritage Trust's own suitable storage facility.

There are different levels of preservation.  "Aurora" was preserved in this shed for over 40 years - it might not look good but she was recovered in reasonable condition and able to be restored without too much difficulty.

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