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While the JBNZ Heritage Trust management committee is made up of jet boaters with a great deal of boat restoration experience, it is not a priority of the Trust to restore boats and equipment itself.

Rather our role is to offer owners of historic boats as much support as we can with their restoration projects.  We can do this in a number of ways...

1 - Advice.  From fibreglassing to woodwork to old engines and wateriest, we've been there and done that and are happy to advise you with your projects.  If we can't help you we should be able to direct you on to others with the expertise you're looking for.  Sure the JBNZ Web Board is a great resource for knowledge and advice, but sometimes there's no substitute for personally talking to someone who's been in your shoes.

2 - Support.  Restoring an old boat is no easy task, and sometimes you might need confirmation you're on the right track and that it will be worth the sacrifice and cost in the end.  We're always happy to hear about your restoration project and be a fresh sounding board to bounce your ideas off.  We might also be able to help you track down any hard to find components you need to finish the job.

3 - Connections.  Wherever you are in the country (or around the world) we can put you in touch with other local enthusiasts with whom you can share stories, bounce ideas, lend a hand (and vice-versa) and show off your project to when it's all finished.

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