Objective 1: The fostering, encouraging and education of New Zealanders in an appreciation of the invention and development of water jet propulsion for recreational, adventure and commercial jet boating in New Zealand and the history of the exploration by New Zealander’s of natural waterways around the world.

Objective 2: To encourage and receive donations, information and articles for public display from any persons, bodies, companies or businesses to be applied for the purposes of these objects and any other work generally related to the preservation, public display and appreciation of the history of jet boating in New Zealand.

Objective 3: To provide for the ability to establish and manage a museum or museums and/or displays in existing museums to promote the protection, preservation and conservation of the history and of the heritage of jet boating in New Zealand.

In practical terms we'll achieve these three objectives through a number of means...


1 - Create a database of historic items so we know what's out there, can prioritise the most important pieces of jet boat history, and support owners in their efforts to preserve them. 

2 - Forge relationships between private collectors and museums so that jet boating history can be publicly displayed with all parties understanding the issues of ownership, insurance and access. 


3 - Ensure the accuracy and consistency of historical information displayed in museums by creating some design templates they can use specific to the items they display. 


4 - Collect all the personal "knowledge" that is out there regarding jet boating history.


David Street - Christchurch - dstreet@xtra.co.nz

Richard Anderson - Palmerston North - richarda@ruralandlifestylesales.com

Garth McMaster - Winton - garth.mcmaster@jbnz.co.nz


Paul Mullan - Current JBNZ National Chairman and well known jet boat ‘documentarian’.  Possibly less well known is that Paul is a passionate jet boat collector himself.


Ed Wicken - active JBNZ Canterbury branch member and old jet boat enthusiast, including restorer of a rare Nalder & Biddle jet boat.


Paul Vernel – Current National Executive Committee member and former Canterbury Branch Chairman, commercial jet boat operator on the Waimakariri River and enthusiast of anything jet boat history related.


Tony Kean - former Publicity officer at Hamilton Jet where he became a sort of ‘keeper of the archives’ and through this he developed a passion for jet boat history.  Project leader of the HamiltonJet team responsible for the recovery of two very early Quinnat powered jet boats and subsequent restoration of "Aurora".


This committee is backed up by the JBNZ National Executive and particularly the assigned Heritage Trust Trustees - David Street, Richard Anderson and Garth McMaster, all who have their own passion for preserving our history and/or early boats of their own. They will be closely monitoring our progress and provide support and guidance when required.


While only a few form the Heritage Trust Committee and Trustees, it is important to stress we won't achieve the Heritage Trust's goals without the help of everyone who shares our interest in preserving jet boat history.  Everyone else has a role to play in the Heritage Trust and we hope you will support and assist us however you can.