The Jet Boating New Zealand Heritage Trust was formed to help coordinate and support the efforts of all those interested in preserving the history of jet boating for future generations.

In simple terms our three key objectives are...

1 - to foster, encourage and educate New Zealanders' appreciation of water jet propulsion.

2 - to collate donations of materials and information relating to jet boating for the good of everyone. 

3 - to assist with the public display of jet boating history to promote the protection and conservation of it going forward.

Our over-riding goal is to ensure no more of jet boating's significant history is lost to neglect or short-sightedness, and we'll need your help to achieve this for the benefit of current and future generations.

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Collecting and collating information about historic jet boats and jet boat related material - photographs, video, documents etc


Assisting historic jet boat owners in restoring and maintaining old boats and connecting with others


Working with owners of historic jet boats and materials to ensure history is preserved for future generations


Helping to coordinate display of historic jet boats, materials and information to ensure consistent story is available to the public


Here we feature some of the key jet boat heritage projects and stories that form part of our database or that some of our "Friends of the Heritage Trust" have been involved in...

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Aurora Jetboat Restoration
Aurora Jetboat Restoration

One of NZ's few jet boats fitted with the first Hamilton Jet unit - the Quinnat

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Whio III replica Jet 50
Whio III replica Jet 50

The boat that was a copy of Bill Hamilton's own boat in the late 50s, this replica was sent to the US to promote jet boating and scout ahead of the 1960 Colorado Uprun expedition

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No Miss Jetboat
No Miss Jetboat

Arguably NZ's first aluminium jet boat and fitted with one of only 7 Quinnat Jet units ever made by Bill Hamilton

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Jetmark Iconic Racing Jetboat
Jetmark Iconic Racing Jetboat
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1960 Colorado Uprun
1960 Colorado Uprun

The first and only uprun of by boat through the Grand Canyon was completed by a fleet of jet boats in 1960

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What is NZ's jet boating history worth? 


Can we put a dollar value on jet boats and other items that played a role or are representative of the development of the jet boat?  How do we ensure that jet boating memorabilia is preserved and available for future generations to enjoy and learn from?  What role should JBNZ take in preserving jet boating's rich history?  Where do private collectors, museums and educational facilities fit into the preservation and display of jet boating history and what is the ideal preservation structure to ensure the best outcome for everyone?

The JBNZ Heritage Trust was born with a view to answer these questions, as well as many others that will arise as we move into an age of jet boat nostalgia.  Its formation is in part an answer to one of those questions posed above - it is a key component of the role JBNZ is looking to take in preserving jet boating's rich history.  


The origins of the Heritage Trust come from discussions that have been going on for many years around the growing importance of preserving jet boat history.  Up until now it has been a largely haphazard approach, led largely by passionate individuals putting there own time and money into restoring old boats or forging ties with museums across the country. Lessons have been learned along the way which has prompted prompted JBNZ to step up to create a more coordinated approach.


It is vital we tackle this issue now rather than risk losing more jet boat history through procrastination.  A growing interest in old jet boats, jet units and other paraphernalia will breed more interest from new collectors and restorers, which bodes well for the future.


The Heritage Trust's role going forward is not to take over or dictate the preservation, restoration and display of jet boating history.  Our focus will be around providing a consistent framework for all invested parties to ensure those pieces of history are protected, preserved and displayed as best as we can for the future. 




JBNZ Heritage Trust

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Committee Contacts:


Paul Vernel - Chairman

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Paul Mullan

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Ed Wicken

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Ross Denton

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Jim Lapsley

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